IoT / OT / Smart Building / BACnet Cybersecurity Blog Post Summary

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IoT / OT / Smart Building / BACnet Cybersecurity Blog Post Summary – list of Veridify Security blog posts back through 2019

Increasing Cyberattacks on Water Facilities
Increased Number of Cyber Expose OT/ICS Devices
Building Management System Cybersecurity Best Practices
The Role of Cybersecurity for IoT Devices
Monetary Damage of Reported Cybercrime in the US From 2001-2022
BACnet Security Issues and How to Mitigate Cyber Risks
Improving BACnet/SC with Automated Security Certificate Management
BACnet MS/TP Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

2023 (21)
Smart Building Cybersecurity Best Practices
AHR Expo 2024 Event Preview
The Hack of Marconi’s 1903 Wireless Demonstration
Embracing Digital Transformation – Zero Trust with Operational Technology (podcast)
Zero Trust OT Security – Stopping Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS/OT/SCADA) (webinar)
How to Conduct a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Smart Buildings
Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023
Share of Worldwide Cyber Attacks by Type 2022
Building Automation Systems, Smart Buildings, and 5 Ways to Make Them Cyber Secure (webinar)
Zero Trust – A Virtual Air Gap for OT Security
Zero Trust for OT Security – Shields Up vs Damage Report
Zero Trust for OT Security – Overcoming Legacy Device Security Gaps and Technical Debt
Modbus Security Issues and How to Mitigate Cyber Risks
Protecting Farms and AgTech from Cyberattacks
Cybersecurity Threats to Hospitals and Healthcare Facility Building Management Systems
Zero Trust Security for Building Automation: What You Need to Know
Cyberattacks on K-12 Schools and Higher Education
The Importance of Protecting Smart Building Technology from Cyber Threats
How Malware Can Impact OT Networks
Difference Between Zero Trust Network Segmentation and Microsegmentation for OT Cybersecurity
AHR Expo 2023 Event Preview

2022 (21)
Benefits of Zero Trust for OT Cybersecurity
Demystifying OT and IoT Security and FPGAs (podcast)
Mitigating Cyber Risks in Operational Technology (OT), Buildings, and Critical Infrastructure (webinar)
Why You Need Device-Level Endpoint Protection for Improving OT Security
Protecting Buildings from Cyber Attacks – 6 Steps You Can Take Today (webinar)
77% Increase in Malware Attacks for IoT Connected Devices in 1H22
Cybersecurity in the Workplace: 4 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure
Anatomy of a Data Breach
Scalaing at the Edge: Making Industrial IoT and Smart Buildings Cyber Safe (video)
Concerned About Cybersecurity? 4 Easy Steps for Staying Secure
Applying Zero Trust to OT Networks for Smart Buildings
Cybersecurity to the Edge for Smart Building Infrastructure (webinar)
Seven Security Considerations for Smart Building Devices
IoT Security Update – August 2022
Access Control Systems Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks
DOME Building Automation and OT Network Cybersecurity Overview (video)
Future-Proof Cybersecurity for Smart Buildings and the Industrial IoT (webinar)
Making Buildings and Industrial IoT Cyber Safe (webinar)
Realcomm / IBcon 2022 Event Preview – Veridify Cybersecurity for Buildings
IoT Cybersecurity: IoT Devices are Gateways for a Cyber Breach
Cyberattacks Shut Down Building Automation Systems

2021 (7)
Hackers Target HVAC
IoT Security Update – IoT Security Update – August 2021
IoT Security Update – June 2021
IoT Security Update – April 2021
Veridify DOME and Complying with US Federal IoT Cybersecurity Law
IoT Security Update – February 2021
Quantum-Resistant IoT Security

2020 (6)
IoT Security Update – December 2020
IoT Security Update – September 2020
IoT Security Update – July 2020
Ripple20 Vulnerabilities
IoT Security Update – June 2020
IoT Security Update – January 2020

2019 (12)
IoT Security Update – November 2019
IoT Security Update – October 2019
Upcoming 2019 Events
IoT Security Update – July 2019
SecureRF Provides Security Solutions as Part of SiFive’s Expanded DesignShare IP Ecosystem
IoT Security Update – June 2019
Upcoming Events
IoT Security Update – May 2019
IoT Security Update – April 2019
IoT Security Update – March 2019
Will Enterprise Prioritize IoT Security Over Innovation in 2019?
IoT Security Trends and Predictions for 2019



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