Cybersecurity for Industrial IoT and OT networks

Cybersecurity Challenges for Manufacturing and Industrial Plants


Manufacturing and industrial plants are becoming smarter and more efficient by connecting their Operational Technology (OT) devices and networks to their IT networks and the Internet. With this connectivity comes increased exposure to cyberattacks that can cripple a process control system, impair an automated assembly line, or even close an entire plant. These attacks can create health and safety issues for workers, impact productivity, damage capital equipment and create financial losses.

Unprotected OT networks can give hackers access to valuable data on connected IT networks or even be used to hold a company ‘hostage’ in return for a ransom. Cybersecurity monitoring solutions are important in manufacturing and industrial plants, but it is not enough. The controllers and devices need to be protected in real-time – authenticating all devices and safeguarding the data and commands used to manage plant operations.

Device-Level Cybersecurity OT Devices

Veridify’s DOME™, developed with the support of our partners Intel and AWS, provides a cost-effective way to secure and manage every process control and automation device in a new or existing manufacturing or industrial plant. In addition, DOME is 100% NIST Zero Trust compliant,  delivering authentication and data protection to the edge of a plant’s network running on today’s most popular industrial communication protocols. DOME stops cyber attacks before they can happen.

DOME is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that creates a secure data tunnel over your existing network, authenticating every device, user, and command while encrypting and protecting your data from the outside world. Its ‘zero-touch’ installation program automates the difficult task of correctly installing new devices in your plant that require special security programming - saving time and money while avoiding expensive mistakes. DOME is a cost-effective platform that does not replace or compete with your currently installed process control and automation equipment. Instead, it complements it with the industry’s leading security technology.


Secure Every OT /IoT Device in a Plant and Create a Trusted Environment

DOME can secure thousands of connected devices, from PLCs and RTUs to sensors, actuators, and HMIs often found in a factory or processing plant. It cost-effectively ensures every device in your plant can be installed and managed with the security necessary to create a safe and trusted environment.


Protection for Existing OT Systems

DOME can also protect your current plants and their legacy OT systems, saving time and money while delivering the most advanced security available. Our retrofit solution, DOME Sentry, provides  real-time protection without the need to alter or replace your current process control system. Protect your plant, operations, and workers with DOME’s cost-effective cyber protection.