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Building Automation

Zero Trust Security for Building Automation: What You Need to Know

Building automation systems (BAS) are becoming increasingly common in commercial buildings, providing centralized control of building operations, including HVAC, lighting, access control, elevators, and life safety systems. While these systems can increase energy efficiency and reduce costs, they also pose significant security risks. In recent years, there have been several high-profile attacks on building automation…

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Cyberattacks on K-12 Schools and Higher Education

K-12 schools and universities are increasingly becoming targets for cyberattacks due to the valuable information they hold, such as student and staff personal data, financial information, and research data. Cyberattack statistics include: Proofpoint found that 90% of higher education institutions experienced at least one successful phishing attack in 2019. Malwarebytes found that the education sector…

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The Importance of Protecting Smart Building Technology from Cyber Threats

Juniper Research estimates more than 115 million buildings will deploy smart building technologies by 2026, an increase of over 2.5X from 2022. Smart building technology has revolutionized the way buildings are managed, providing greater control and efficiency over critical systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, elevators, life safety, and security. Benefits of…

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AHR Expo 2023 Event Preview

Veridify Security will be exhibiting at the AHR Expo 2023 in booth C5455. Our demo shown below is ready to be boxed up and shipped to Atlanta! Verdify will be exhibiting a live demo of DOME™, a building automation cybersecurity platform that protects both new and existing building automation devices.  The newly revised demo platform…

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Mitigating Cyber Risks in Operational Technology, Buildings, and Critical Infrastructure

Operational technology (OT), buildings, and critical infrastructure are becoming smarter and more efficient with connected systems, controls, sensors, and more. With connected OT and IT systems, cybersecurity risks increase as vulnerabilities become more widely exposed. Cyberattacks bring financial, operational, and intellectual property risks, and studies show cybercrime could cost $5.2 trillion worldwide within the next…

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Protecting Buildings from Cyber Attacks – 6 Steps You Can Take Today

Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks Buildings with internet-connected OT (operational technology) devices and networks (BACnet) are susceptible to cyber attacks. This can lead to operational disruption or open a gateway to attack the IT network resulting in data theft or ransomware. This video highlights 6 things that building…

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Applying Zero Trust to OT Networks For Smart Buildings

In December 2021, a ransomware attack locked a BAS firm and its building client out of the system, taking out 75% of smart building OT. Using device-level SaaS security in a NIST-compliant Zero Trust framework, BAS vendors can prevent smart building breaches. SaaS security for OT devices uses device-level identification and authentication, with no direct device access…

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Cybersecurity to the Edge for Smart Building Infrastructure

This video is part of a webinar presented by KMC Controls, Veridify Security, and Arrow Intelligent Solutions regarding cybersecurity for smart buildings. A fundamental challenge to securing smart buildings, or any building large enough to have a building automation system, is how to protect devices so that they reject cyber attacks in real-time.  Rejecting a…

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Seven Security Considerations for Smart Building Devices

A smart building or factory can contain thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The problem is not all of them are secure. So, does that matter? At Veridify, we believe it does. A flaw in a single product can expose an organization, its people and customers to enormous personal, financial, and reputational risks. Smart…

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