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SecureRF Newsletter, "Plaintext" January 2016

Our January ’16 newsletter, “Plaintext” is out, featuring news & notes about the security industry, company updates, and more. Read all about the ways we work to make products smart and secure in the IoT. Read all about it in “Plaintext”.  

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SecureRF CEO discusses security, IoT, SBIR and hockey in CTStartup Podcast

Our CEO, Louis Parks, was interviewed for a podcast by CTStartup. This was recorded at the CT Innovation Summit which was put on by the Connecticut Technology Council. Their discussion starts with some explanations about security, which Louis clarifies is more than just encryption and can include authentication and non-repudiation. They discuss various IoT hacking…

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A Different Kind of Pharmaceutical Tracking

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher There has been a lot of discussion about using RFID tags to track pharmaceuticals through the supply chain. In an effort to reduce drugstore theft, a different kind of tracking device is being used. The New York Times reports that decoy pill bottles with GPS tracking devices are being put…

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RFID at the Olympics, Revisited

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher Four years ago I wrote a blog post about the use of RFID at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing Olympic Tickets: RFID Security in Sports Illustrated RFID technology was used in 2008 Olympic event tickets and the chips contained the bearer’s photograph, passport details, addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers. These…

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RFID Pickpockets Capture Credit Card Data

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher I have been meaning to write about data skimming off of RFID enabled credit cards. This topic has been covered on local TV stations across the country over the last several months. Almost all of the stories include a demo by the founder and CEO of a firm that makes…

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