SecureRF to Showcase Future-Proof Security Solutions for Low-Resource Processors at Embedded World 2018

IoT developers looking for quantum-resistant authentication and data protection solutions for their embedded devices and processors will find the smallest and fastest solutions from SecureRF on display at Embedded World 2018.   We will be giving live demonstrations of their methods that are more than 90 times faster than ECC daily on the show floor. The conference runs from February 27 to March 1, 2018, in Nuremberg, Germany and our technical experts will be on-hand throughout the conference to share their expertise.

If you are walking the show floor, be sure to stop by Microsemi’s booth, #1-431, where we will be demonstrating  how 128-bit digital signatures from  an external endpoint such as a personal computer can be verified by WalnutDSA, SecureRF’s digital signature algorithm,  running on a RISC-V processor in under 5 ms, and  under 8 ms at a 256-bit security level, on the Microsemi’s Mi-V CoreRISCV_AXI4 running at 66 MHz. Typical use cases for WalnutDSA include secure boot, secure firmware updates, or any other application where digital signatures need to be verified extremely fast.  As impressive as these software-only benchmarks are, they will become even faster with the arrival of some of the Vector and Crypto Extensions now under development by the RISC-V Foundation. Those extensions will provide additional instructions that, depending on the problem to be solved, can result in a significant speed-up at the expense of relatively few logic resources. With the proposed crypto extensions enabled, WalnutDSA will verify signatures in about 1.3 ms at 128-bit security levels.

More about our demo can be found here.

You can also hear from our CTO, Derek Atkins, who will be delivering talks on WalnutDSA in Microsemi’s booth on February 27 at 11 AM CET, February 28 at 5 PM CET and March 1 at 2 PM CET.

If you are attending the conference sessions at Embedded World, be sure not to miss Derek’s talk on March 1 at 4:00 PM CET. The talk is titled “How to Incorporate Low-Resource Cryptography Into a Highly Constrained Real-World Product” and is part of Conference Session 26 II – Cryptography II which will take place at Conference Counter NCC Ost.

If you would like to meet one on one with one of our experts at Embedded World 2018, please contact SecureRF at or +1 203-227-3151.