Webinar - Operational Technology (OT), Connected Buildings, Critical Infrastructure

Mitigating Cyber Risks in Operational Technology, Buildings, and Critical Infrastructure

Mitigating Cyber Risks in Operational Technology, Buildings, and Critical Infrastructure Operational technology (OT), buildings, and critical infrastructure are becoming smarter and more efficient with connected systems, controls, sensors, and more. With connected OT and IT systems, cybersecurity risks increase as vulnerabilities become more widely exposed. Cyberattacks bring financial, operational, and intellectual property risks, and studies…
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Endpoint protection for OT security

Why you need device-level endpoint protection for improving OT security

Challenges in transferring IT security methods to protect OT devices leave commercial and industrial facilities open to attacks. These attacks can disrupt building or process operations, create safety issues, and result in data theft or ransomware. OT devices in industry 4.0 applications in manufacturing facilities and chemical processing plants are vulnerable to attacks that break…
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6 Steps to Protect from a Cyberattack

Protecting Buildings from Cyber Attacks – 6 Steps You Can Take Today

Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks Buildings with internet-connected OT (operational technology) devices and networks (BACnet) are susceptible to cyber attacks. This can lead to operational disruption or open a gateway to attack the IT network resulting in data theft or ransomware. This video highlights 6 things that building…
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77% Increase in Malware Attacks for IoT/Connected Devices in 1H22

There was an increase in malware attacks on IoT/Connected Devices of 77% in the first half of 2022, according to a recent report by Sonic Wall. The report also found that ransomware attacks were down 23%, but cryptojacking attacks were up 30%, and intrusion attempts were up by 19%. Cryptojacking uses processing power on unauthorized…
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Cybersecurity in the workplace

Cybersecurity in the Workplace: 4 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Keeping information safe and secure is a challenging development for businesses of all sizes over the last few years. Expeditious shifts from in-person to online to hybrid workplaces forced companies to change, or at least reexamine, their cybersecurity practices and protocols, and far too often they weren’t prepared. In fact, according to CyberEdge’s Cyberthreat Defense…
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Data Breach News Headlines

Anatomy of a Data Breach

What are They and What to do When You Spot One? Arguably no phrase has dominated the tech world the last 24 months more than the term “data breach.” From breaches that have impacted critical infrastructure like the Colonial Pipeline to hackers compromising healthcare records at UC San Diego Health, the last two years have…
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Scaling at the Edge

Scaling at the Edge – Making Industrial IoT and Smart Buildings Cyber Safe

Making Industrial IoT and Smart Buildings Cyber Safe Veridify’s cybersecurity uses technology from Intel and industrial computing hardware from Advantech.  Veridify and Advantech were invited by Intel to participate in Intel’s “Scaling at the Edge” video series. Watch Video  (10 min) | View Slides   Watch our more detailed webinar on the same topic.
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Cybersecurity Tunnel with Keyhole

Concerned About Cybersecurity? 4 Easy Steps for Staying Secure

Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest hot topics both inside and outside of technology circles over the last two years. From securing learning devices due to a rise in digital learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, to coping with the fallout of high-profile breaches of national infrastructure such as the Colonial Pipeline, there is a…
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Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Applying Zero Trust to OT Networks For Smart Buildings

In December 2021, a ransomware attack locked a BAS firm and its building client out of the system, taking out 75% of smart building OT. Using device-level SaaS security in a NIST-compliant Zero Trust framework, BAS vendors can prevent smart building breaches. SaaS security for OT devices uses device-level identification and authentication, with no direct device access…
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Smart Building

Cybersecurity to the Edge for Smart Building Infrastructure

This video is part of a webinar presented by KMC Controls, Veridify Security, and Arrow Intelligent Solutions regarding cybersecurity for smart buildings. A fundamental challenge to securing smart buildings, or any building large enough to have a building automation system, is how to protect devices so that they reject cyber attacks in real-time.  Rejecting a…
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