Security Set to Be Major Trend in IoT Technology

The holiday shopping season means a surge in the number of smart products in homes. However, as we’ve reported previously, consumers are still wary of their connected devices, as evident by the number of products deemed ‘creepy’ by users on Mozilla’s recent holiday shopping guide. Despite the ‘creepiness’ concerns, the guide illustrates that consumers are still purchasing connected devices – they just want more knowledge – and perhaps some piece of mind – before they buy. And by looking at some of the recent headlines in IoT security, their desires are understandable.


New Proof Proves SecureRF Co-Founder’s Conjecture Correct

Nearly forty years after SecureRF co-founder Dorian Goldfeld made his conjecture that 100 percent of elliptic curves have rank 0 or 1, a Harvard graduate student has proven Goldfeld right. In a paper first shared online last year, Alexander Smith also proved that these curves are split equally between the two ranks, assuming that the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer (BSD) conjecture is true. Mathematicians say that Smith’s work is groundbreaking and provides “a new understanding of the underlying nature of elliptic curves.” Read more at Quanta Magazine.


Mozilla’s Smart Device Shopping Guide Includes ‘Creepiness’ Factor

Just in time for the holiday season, the Mozilla Foundation released a guide to connected gadgets for the security-conscious buyer. The guide uses collected feedback from site visitors to rank a wide range of electronics – including smartwatches, toys, monitors, appliances, video game consoles, and even a water bottle – on a scale from “Not creepy!” to “Super creepy!” Visitors can filter the guide to only show products that meet “minimum security standards” and learn if a product shares their information with third parties, uses encryption, deletes data stored on the owner and other important user data. See Mozilla’s guide here.


Security Among Gartner’s Top IoT Trends for Next Five Years

Gartner presented its top 10 strategic IoT technology trends for 2018 to 2023 at its symposium in Barcelona last month. “Security,” Gartner noted, “is the most significant area of technical concern for organizations deploying IoT systems.” The other trends included artificial intelligence, new special purpose chips, and the shift from intelligent edge to an intelligent, dynamic mesh. See the rest of the trends here.


A Compilation of the Most Interesting (and Scariest) Vehicle Hacks

ZDNet recently shared a list of the most infamous car hackings over the years. The compilation begins with the infamous Jeep hack of 2015, when IOActive researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek remotely shut down a Jeep Cherokee while a Wired journalist was driving it. The list also includes the ability to unlock any car by taking advantage of vulnerabilities associated with OnStar. If you dare to read the entire list, you may do so here.



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