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Quantum-Resistant IoT Security

Many IoT systems remain in the field for years or even decades, creating major challenges for security. Building automation and industrial systems are prime examples. Conventional IoT security techniques may be sufficient for now, but advances in technology like quantum computing will soon break popular methods like ECC and RSA. What’s the best way to…

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SecureRF to Showcase Quantum-Resistant IoT Security Solutions at IoT DevCon

IoT product developers interested in speaking with our IoT security experts and learning about quantum-resistant authentication and data protection solutions will have their chance at the IoT DevCon conference being held April 26-27 in Santa Clara, CA. We will be showcasing our ultra-low-energy security solutions for constrained devices at Table 9. These solutions, which are…

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SecureRF & BaySand Provide Quantum-Resistant Security for ASIC-powered IoT Devices

SecureRF has joined forces with BaySand, the leader in application-configurable ASICs, to deliver fast, quantum-resistant authentication and data protection solutions for low-resource IoT devices. Through this partnership, companies can quickly, effortlessly and economically develop high performance, energy-efficient devices using ASICs that deliver strong security. Security is a necessity for most IoT devices. However, 32-, 16-,…

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