Register for our February 9 Webinar: Rapidly Securing Constrained IoT Devices

3rd webinar in our series: How to add authentication and data protection to your IoT devices in two days or less

IoT data protectionThe rush to deploy connected devices such as industrial sensors, consumer electronics, vehicles, medical devices and wearables creates significant opportunities for manufacturers. However, many companies are risking brand damage, revenue loss and more by deploying these constrained IoT devices with inadequate security because most data protection and authentication solutions are too resource-intensive.

Register for our webinar on Thursday, February 9 to hear why it’s crucial to secure your IoT devices, and how you can do it in two days or less using asymmetric cryptography methods that do not require a network connection or the management of a universal database of keys and passwords.

This webinar will cover:

  • The significant risks incurred by your business and customers when IoT devices are deployed with little or no security
  • An overview of available asymmetric (public-key) IoT security solutions that work efficiently in 32-bit, 16-bit, and even 8-bit environments
  • Future-proof authentication and data protection methods that are suitable for industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, and other applications
  • How fast and easy it is to implement SecureRF’s quantum-resistant, asymmetric cryptographic methods for low-resource devices

2/10 UPDATE: We have made the webinar recording and slides available so you can view them at your convenience. Click here or on the button below to access them.  

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