Webinar Replay Available: Quantum-resistant Cryptography for the IoT

Customer concerns related to IoT security are becoming more prevalent as IoT moves into the mainstream. However, many companies involved in the production of low-resource IoT devices driven by 32-, 16- and even 8-bit processors are not able to implement contemporary security solutions with acceptable runtime and resource allocation.

This on-demand webinar is a special opportunity to hear one of our founders, Dr. Iris Anshel, explain the math behind SecureRF’s asymmetric cryptosystems, which uniquely provide high-speed security for low-resource IoT devices without overwhelming available memory and power.quantum-resistant cryptography webinar

As you watch this technical deep dive, you’ll learn about protocol implementations and performance metrics, code size, RAM usage and other key information. This webinar, the second in our series, also reviews:

  • The construction and abilities of our Ironwood™ key agreement protocol and WalnutDSA™ digital signature algorithm
  • How our proprietary E-Multiplication™ function provides protection against quantum attacks
  • How SecureRF cryptosystems can reduce hardware requirements and costs

Who should watch:

  • Design engineers at foundries and FPGA suppliers seeking a security solution to recommend to their customers
  • Hardware manufacturers with current projects that require a security solution
  • IoT security solution architects who want to improve security in next-generation products

Replay the webinar and download the slides now to learn about our asymmetric, quantum-resistant cryptosystems for low-resource IoT devices.

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