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Beware the Holiday Hack

Most online 2017 holiday gift guides have one thing in common: IoT gadgets. Wi-Fi video doorbells, wearable health monitors, phone-controlled toy robots, and “smart” ovens are just a few of the thousands of Internet-connected products being offered this holiday season. Such gifts might seem like safe products to give or receive, but reports about recent…

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IoT Security News – Still Many Ports of Entry for Malefactors

Every device connected to the internet is a potential point of vulnerability. As the following report shows, design engineers and developers must anticipate security threats at every stage between a device’s design and deployment. Remote Peeping into Bedrooms and Offices In June 2017, some residents of Dubai, UAE, discovered to their alarm that footage from…

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The Value of Data Protection in the Internet of Things

The IoT is made up of billions of devices that collect and share data. If this data is not properly secured, it puts both end-users and manufacturers at risk for all sorts of disastrous consequences. For example, the data collected by a smart thermostat can reveal when someone is home based on their heating and…

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