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Zero Trust OT Security – Stopping Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS/OT/SCADA)

Watch this webinar replay of “Zero Trust OT Security – Stopping Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS /OT/SCADA)” to learn about applying zero trust security at the device level. This webinar addresses the following topics: ICS cybersecurity standards Existing ICS security approaches Zero Trust and device-level implementation Cybersecurity for existing ICS devices Zero Trust…

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Zero Trust – A Virtual Air Gap for OT Security

Air-gapping computer and operational technology (OT) networks is a long-established method of protecting sensitive information and reducing the risk of operational disruption. A growing trend has been to provide connectivity from these networks to the Internet for remote monitoring and control, real-time data, data analysis, predictive maintenance, improving inventory and resource management, achieving faster decision-making,…

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Zero Trust for OT Security – Overcoming Legacy Device Security Gaps and Technical Debt

The proliferation of interconnected Operational Technology (OT) devices in critical infrastructure and industrial sectors has ushered in new opportunities for increased efficiency and automation. However, this digital transformation also brings forth significant cybersecurity challenges. Perimeter security is not a sufficient solution and legacy devices and systems often lack robust security measures, leaving critical infrastructure vulnerable…

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