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IoT Security: Challenges and Solutions

With more and more devices added to the Internet of Things (IoT) every day, the potential security threats caused by IoT “end devices” with minimum protection continue to grow.
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SecureRF Profiled at

SecureRF and its CEO Louis Parks were recently profiled by Stacey Higginbotham in the weekly IoT-based Stacey Knows Things newsletter and at Parks described some of the various challenges associated with securing the IoT, and he talked to Higginbotham about SecureRF’s cryptography solutions for low-resource devices, such as 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers.
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IoT Security News – Heart Hacks, Semiconductor Sales, and Wearables

It has been another interesting few weeks for IoT security experts, embedded systems engineers, and semiconductor manufactures. We have seen increased security threats, improved semiconductor sales, and positive news about wearable device shipments. Let’s review some of the more significant news items from the past several days. FDA Recall: 465,000 Pacemakers Vulnerable to a Wireless…
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Interview: Five Minutes with Louis Parks, CEO, SecureRF

Louis Parks (CEO, SecureRF) was recently interviewed by Rich Nass of Embedded Computing Design about SecureRF’s unique security solutions for IoT devices and its partnerships with semiconductor vendors and IP builders. Parks explained that the constrained devices, based on 8-,16-, and 32-bit processors, powering the IoT lack the computing and memory resources needed to implement legacy standard security…
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Data Protection Value

US Senators and IoT Security: Why Proposed Legislation Matters to Device Makers

In the face of ever-increasing IoT security threats, the US government has started efforts to regulate IoT security with a new bill that will require IoT equipment sold to the government be patchable and meet specific security requirements.
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SecureRF's Security Toolkit for Intel's DE10-Nano

Intel FPGA-SoC devices are well suited for a wide variety of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including acting as an IoT gateway that can authenticate and control hundreds or thousands of remote endpoints. Developers using Intel’s DE10-Nano kit, which is based on a Cyclone V FPGA, can now implement SecureRF’s DE10-Nano Security Toolkit to protect…
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IoT Security News – Still Many Ports of Entry for Malefactors

Every device connected to the internet is a potential point of vulnerability. As the following report shows, design engineers and developers must anticipate security threats at every stage between a device’s design and deployment. Remote Peeping into Bedrooms and Offices In June 2017, some residents of Dubai, UAE, discovered to their alarm that footage from…
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SecureRF Delivers Future-Proof Security Tools for IoT Designers Using Intel FPGAs

Intel’s DE10-Nano kit, based on a system-on-chip (SoC) field programmable gate array (FPGA), is an ideal development platform for developers who require design flexibility while creating innovative applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). Now, developers using this board, which features a Cyclone V FPGA, can take advantage of SecureRF’s market-ready DE10-Nano Security Toolkit to…
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Making the Business Case for IoT Security

If you’re an engineer working on products made for the Internet of Things (IoT), you understand the importance of device security, authentication, and data protection. You also know many P&L-fixated executives don’t see an immediate value in funding enhanced IoT product security. Even some of the most technically inclined business leaders have a hard time…
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IoT in the Movies

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been appearing in movies for several years now—in some cases, even before there was an IoT. Sometimes, the technology depicted is fanciful, but at other times, Hollywood weaves into its narratives technologies that already exist or are looming just over the horizon. Below, we look at the IoT technologies…
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